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Explosives Regulations, 2013

Version of section 1 from 2014-02-01 to 2023-06-02:

Marginal note:Overview

 This Part sets out the scheme and application of these Regulations and exempts some explosives from provisions of the Explosives Act. It also defines certain terms that are used in the Regulations, including “explosives”. Finally, it explains the function of the notes and asterisks that are used in the Regulations.

Note: Section 29 of the Explosives Act states that “Nothing in the Act relieves any person . . . of the obligation to comply with the requirements of any Act of Parliament relating to explosives or components of explosives or the requirements of any licence law, or other law or by-law of any province or municipality, lawfully enacted in relation to explosives, especially requirements in relation to the acquisition, possession, storage, handling, sale, transportation or delivery of explosives or components of explosives. . . .”

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