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Schedule 1 Chemicals Regulations (Chemical Weapons Convention)

Version of section 8 from 2006-03-22 to 2018-10-09:

Marginal note:Obligations of licensee

 The licensee

  • (a) shall meet the requirements of the Act and these Regulations and ensure that the activities authorized by the licence are carried out safely and in compliance with those requirements;

  • (b) shall ensure that any individual referred to in paragraph 4(1)(c) who produces or uses a Schedule 1 chemical is adequately supervised in the course of that production or use;

  • (c) shall not transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of a licence;

  • (d) shall notify the National Authority in writing, no later than seven days before any change, of the change

    • (i) of name of the licensee, of the individual responsible for the facility, of the facility or of the entity, if any for whom they work, or

    • (ii) in the list of individuals referred to in paragraph 4(1)(c);

  • (e) shall control access to the Schedule 1 chemicals set out in the licence;

  • (f) shall inform the National Authority as soon as practicable of any loss or unintended release of a Schedule 1 chemical; and

  • (g) shall immediately inform the National Authority of any theft of a Schedule 1 chemical or any attempt by an unauthorized individual to obtain a Schedule 1 chemical.

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