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Cross-border Currency and Monetary Instruments Reporting Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2020-05-31:

SCHEDULE 3(Subparagraph 3(b)(iv) and paragraphs 4(3)(a) and (3.1)(a))Information To Be Given by Person Described in Paragraph 12(3)(d) of Act


Information on Person Described in Paragraph 12(3)(d) of Act

  • 1 
    Person’s full name
  • 2 
    Person’s full permanent address
  • 3 
    Person’s citizenship
  • 4 
    Person’s date of birth
  • 5 
    Person’s personal telephone number
  • 6 
    Type of document confirming person’s identity (e.g., driver’s licence, birth certificate, certificate of Indian status, passport, Record of Landing or permanent resident card) and the number of that document
  • 7 
    Place of issue of document confirming person’s identity (province or state, country)
  • 8 
    Full name of person’s employer
  • 9 
    Full permanent address of person’s employer
  • 10 
    Telephone number of person’s employer
  • 11 
    Name and title of employer’s contact person


Information on Shipments of Currency or Monetary Instruments

  • 0.1 
    Indication of whether it is an importation or exportation
  • 1 
    Name of importer or exporter
  • 2 
    Total value of currency or monetary instruments
  • SOR/2002-412, s. 23
  • SOR/2003-358, s. 30

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