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Cross-border Currency and Monetary Instruments Reporting Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2020-05-31:

SCHEDULE 1(Subparagraph 3(b)(i) and paragraphs 4(3)(a) and (3.1)(a))Information To Be Given by Person Described in Paragraph 12(3)(a) of Act, if Not Transporting on Behalf of Entity or Other Person


Information on Person Described in Paragraph 12(3)(a) of Act

  • 1 
    Person’s full name
  • 2 
    Person’s full permanent address
  • 3 
    Person’s citizenship
  • 4 
    Person’s date of birth
  • 5 
    Person’s personal telephone number
  • 6 
    Type of document confirming person’s identity (e.g., driver’s licence, birth certificate, certificate of Indian status, passport, Record of Landing or permanent resident card) and the number of that document
  • 7 
    Place of issue of document confirming person’s identity (province or state, country)


Information on Importation or Exportation

  • 0.1 
    Indication of whether it is an importation or exportation
  • 1 
    Departure point of person making the report (country, city)
  • 2 
    Person’s arrival point (country, city)


Information on Currency or Monetary Instruments Being Imported or Exported

  • 1 
    Currency name
  • 2 
  • 3 
  • 4 
    Monetary instruments (type, amount, issuer, date, serial or other identifying number)
  • SOR/2002-412, s. 21
  • SOR/2003-358, s. 28

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