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Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Regulations

Version of section 20.1 from 2017-06-17 to 2021-05-31:

 Subject to section 20.2 and subsection 62(2), every life insurance company or life insurance broker or agent shall keep a record of the following information when a transaction is reviewed under subsection 67.2(1) or (2):

  • (a) the office or position and the organization or institution in respect of which the person is determined to be a politically exposed foreign person, a politically exposed domestic person, a head of an international organization or a family member of, or person who is closely associated with, one of those persons;

  • (b) the date of the determination;

  • (c) the source, if known, of the funds used for the transaction;

  • (d) the name of the member of senior management who reviewed the transaction; and

  • (e) the date of that review.

  • SOR/2007-122, s. 32
  • SOR/2007-293, s. 12
  • SOR/2016-153, s. 26

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