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Canada Industrial Relations Board Regulations, 2012

Version of section 1 from 2014-11-01 to 2024-05-01:

 The following definitions apply in these Regulations.


affidavit means a written statement confirmed by oath or a solemn declaration. (affidavit)


application includes any application, complaint, question or dispute as defined in section 3 of the Code made or referred to the Board in writing under the Code. (demande)


Code means the Canada Labour Code. (Code)


complaint includes any complaint filed in writing with the Board under subsection 97(1), 110(3) or 133(1) of the Code. (plainte)


day means a calendar day. (jour)


intervenor means a person whose request to intervene made under section 12.1 has been granted. (intervenant)


party means any applicant, respondent and intervenor. (partie)


person includes an employer, an employers’ organization, a trade union, a council of trade unions, an employee or a group of employees. (personne)


Registrar means an employee of the Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada whom the Board has authorized in writing to act on its behalf. (greffier)


reply means the document by which the applicant replies in writing to a response and that is the final step in the application process. (réplique)


response means the document by which a respondent responds in writing to an application. (réponse)

Returning Officer

Returning Officer means an individual appointed by the Board to conduct a representation vote. (directeur du scrutin)

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