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Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Suspicious Transaction Reporting Regulations

Version of section 13 from 2008-06-11 to 2016-06-29:

 The prescribed information for the purposes of paragraphs 55(7)(f), 55.1(3)(f) and 56.1(5)(f) of the Act is

  • (a) the following information concerning the client, importer or exporter, or any person acting on their behalf, namely,

    • (i) their alias, if any,

    • (ii) their date of birth,

    • (iii) their address and electronic mail address,

    • (iii.1) their telephone number,

    • (iv) their citizenship,

    • (v) their Record of Landing number, passport number or permanent resident card number, or all three numbers if applicable,

    • (vi) if the client, importer or exporter is a corporation, the date and jurisdiction of its incorporation and its incorporation number,

    • (vii) the name and address of any person or entity on whose behalf the financial transaction or attempted financial transaction is conducted or on whose behalf the importation or exportation is carried out,

    • (viii) the telephone number of the place of business where the financial transaction or attempted financial transaction occurred; and

    • (ix) if the client, importer or exporter is an entity, the entity’s type of business;

  • (b) in the case of a financial transaction or an attempted financial transaction, the following information, namely,

    • (i) the transit and account numbers,

    • (ii) the full name of every account holder,

    • (iii) the transaction number, if any,

    • (iv) the time of the transaction,

    • (v) the type of transaction,

    • (vi) the names of the parties to the transaction,

    • (vii) the type of account,

    • (viii) the name and address of all persons authorized to act in respect of the account, if any, and

    • (ix) the type of report, as listed in paragraph 54(a) of the Act, from which the information disclosed is compiled; and

  • (c) in the case of an importation or exportation of currency or monetary instruments, the country from which they are being imported or the country to which they are being exported.

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