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Food and Drug Regulations

Version of section C.01A.016 from 2018-04-23 to 2021-03-30:

  •  (1) The Minister may suspend an establishment licence in respect of any or all matters indicated in subsection C.01A.008(2) if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that

    • (a) the licensee has contravened any provision of the Act or these Regulations; or

    • (b) the licensee has made a false or misleading statement in the application for the establishment licence.

  • (2) Before suspending an establishment licence, the Minister shall consider

    • (a) the licensee’s history of compliance with the Act and these Regulations; and

    • (b) the risk that allowing the licence to continue in force would constitute for the health of the consumer.

  • (3) The Minister shall not suspend an establishment licence until

    • (a) an inspector has sent the licensee a written notice that sets out the reason for the proposed suspension, any corrective action required to be taken and the time within which it must be taken;

    • (b) if corrective action is required, the time set out in the notice has passed without the action having been taken; and

    • (c) the licensee has been given an opportunity to be heard in respect of the suspension.

  • SOR/97-12, s. 5
  • SOR/2018-84, s. 4

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