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Oil Pipeline Uniform Accounting Regulations

Version of section 68 from 2006-03-22 to 2020-03-15:

  •  (1) Subject to the approval of the Board, a company may write-down its investment in a separately incorporated company controlled by the company to reflect the company’s share of the losses of the separately incorporated company, where the operation of such a company is considered to be an integral part of the company’s oil transportation system.

  • (2) A company shall credit the amount of a write-down referred to in subsection (1) to account 74 (Allowance for Loss in Value of Investments) and debit that amount to account 415 (Provision for Loss in Valuation of Investments) unless the amount of the write-down is material, in which case it shall be debited to account 422 (Extraordinary Income Deductions).

  • (3) Subject to the approval of the Board, where a company provides for a loss in accordance with this section and the separately incorporated company makes a profit in a subsequent year, the controlling company shall adjust the allowance for losses recorded in account 74 by debiting the amount of the profit to that account and concurrently crediting account 404 (Investment Valuation Adjustment) unless the profit is material, in which case it shall be credited to account 402 (Extraordinary Income).

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