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Status of the Artist Act

Version of section 47 from 2002-12-31 to 2013-03-31:

Marginal note:Declaration that pressure tactics of an association are unlawful

  •  (1) Where a producer alleges that an artists’ association has authorized or applied pressure tactics, or that artists have participated, are participating or are likely to participate in pressure tactics, as a result of which an artist was, is or would be in contravention of this Part, the producer may apply to the Tribunal for a declaration that the pressure tactics are unlawful.

  • Marginal note:Declaration and prohibition of pressure tactics

    (2) Where an application is made under subsection (1), the Tribunal may, after affording the artists and the artists’ association an opportunity to be heard, declare the pressure tactics to be unlawful and, if the producer so requests, make an order

    • (a) requiring the association to cease or revoke its authorization of the pressure tactics;

    • (b) enjoining artists from participating in those pressure tactics and requiring them, where applicable, to resume the work for which they were engaged; or

    • (c) requiring an artists’ association or any officer or representative of an association of which any artist subject to an order made under paragraph (b) is a member, to give notice of the order to all artists in the sector who are members of the association.

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