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Patent Act

Version of section 81 from 2002-12-31 to 2021-06-29:

Marginal note:Pricing information, etc. required by Board

  •  (1) The Board may, by order, require a patentee or former patentee of an invention pertaining to a medicine to provide the Board with information and documents respecting

    • (a) in the case of a patentee, any of the matters referred to in paragraphs 80(1)(a) to (e);

    • (b) in the case of a former patentee, any of the matters referred to in paragraphs 80(2)(a) to (e); and

    • (c) such other related matters as the Board may require.

  • Marginal note:Compliance with order

    (2) A patentee or former patentee in respect of whom an order is made under subsection (1) shall comply with the order within such time as is specified in the order or as the Board may allow.

  • Marginal note:Limitation

    (3) No order may be made under subsection (1) in respect of a former patentee who, more than three years before the day on which the order is proposed to be made, ceased to be entitled to the benefit of the patent or to exercise any rights in relation to the patent.

  • 1993, c. 2, s. 7

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