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Pilotage Act

Version of section 52 from 2021-06-09 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Regulations

  •  (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations respecting the provision of pilotage services, including regulations

    • (a) establishing compulsory pilotage areas;

    • (b) respecting which ships or classes of ships are subject to compulsory pilotage;

    • (c) respecting waivers of compulsory pilotage;

    • (d) respecting master-pilot exchanges;

    • (e) respecting the classes of licences and classes of pilotage certificates that are to be issued as well as the form and manner of their issuance;

    • (f) respecting the qualifications that are required of an applicant for a licence or pilotage certificate, or any class of licence or pilotage certificate, for a compulsory pilotage area, including the applicant’s physical and mental fitness, degree of general and local knowledge, skill, training, experience and proficiency in one or both of the official languages of Canada;

    • (g) respecting skill and knowledge examinations, medical examinations, apprenticeship, the provision of documents and recommendations and other means of determining whether an individual meets the qualifications required under paragraph (f);

    • (h) respecting the conditions of a licence or pilotage certificate or the conditions of any class of licence or pilotage certificate;

    • (i) limiting the number of licences or classes of licences that may be issued for a compulsory pilotage area;

    • (j) respecting the information to be provided and the procedures and practices to be followed by a ship that is about to enter, leave or proceed within a compulsory pilotage area;

    • (k) respecting the minimum number of licensed pilots or pilotage certificate holders that are required to be on board a ship at any time and which class of licence or pilotage certificate that they are required to hold;

    • (l) respecting additional training and periodic medical examinations for licensed pilots and pilotage certificate holders;

    • (m) respecting risk assessments;

    • (n) respecting the development and implementation of management systems by the Authorities; and

    • (o) respecting fees and charges to be paid in relation to the administration of this Act, including the development of regulations, and the enforcement of this Act.

  • Marginal note:United States pilots and waters

    (2) With respect to Canadian waters that are contiguous with waters of the United States, the regulations may set out the conditions under which

    • (a) an individual who is authorized to have the conduct of a ship by an appropriate authority of the United States may pilot in Canadian waters; and

    • (b) a licensed pilot or pilotage certificate holder may have the conduct of a ship in waters of the United States.

  • Marginal note:Paragraph (1)(l)

    (3) Regulations referred to in paragraph (1)(l) may distinguish between licensed pilots and between pilotage certificate holders on the basis of the class of licence or pilotage certificate they hold.

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