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Pilotage Act

Version of section 17 from 2006-12-12 to 2021-06-08:

Marginal note:By-laws

  •  (1) An Authority may make by-laws respecting the management of its internal affairs, including by-laws

    • (a) respecting the duties of its members, officers and employees;

    • (b) delegating to any person, either generally or with reference to any particular matter, all or any of

      • (i) the powers of the Chairperson of the Authority, and

      • (ii) the powers of the Authority, except the power to make a by-law or a regulation; and

    • (c) respecting the management and control of its property.

  • Marginal note:Copies made available

    (2) An Authority shall supply a copy of any by-law of the Authority to any interested person who requests a copy.

  • R.S., 1985, c. P-14, s. 17
  • 2006, c. 9, s. 294(E)

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