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Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act

Version of section 5.34 from 2015-06-19 to 2019-08-27:

Marginal note:Confidentiality

 At any public hearing conducted under section 5.331 or in any proceedings with respect to Part 0.1, the National Energy Board may take any measures and make any order that it considers necessary to ensure the confidentiality of any information likely to be disclosed at the hearing or in the proceedings if the Board is satisfied that

  • (a) disclosure of the information could reasonably be expected to result in a material loss or gain to a person directly affected by the hearing or proceedings, or to prejudice the person’s competitive position, and the potential harm resulting from the disclosure outweighs the public interest in making the disclosure; or

  • (b) the information is financial, commercial, scientific or technical information that is confidential information supplied to the Board and

    • (i) the information has been consistently treated as confidential information by a person directly affected by the hearing or proceedings, and

    • (ii) the person’s interest in confidentiality outweighs the public interest in its disclosure.

  • 2007, c. 35, s. 149
  • 2015, c. 4, s. 13

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