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Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act

Version of section 5.001 from 2019-08-28 to 2024-02-06:

Marginal note:Timing

  •  (1) If an application for an authorization under subsection 5(1) is made with respect to a work or activity proposed to be carried on in whole or in part in any area in respect of which the Minister of Northern Affairs has administrative responsibility for natural resources, the Commission of the Canadian Energy Regulator shall, within 18 months after the day on which the applicant has, in the Commission’s opinion, provided a complete application, either issue the authorization to the applicant under that subsection or notify the applicant in writing of its decision not to issue the authorization.

  • Marginal note:Extensions

    (2) The Minister may, by order, extend the period referred to in subsection (1) by a maximum of three months. The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, by order, further extend that period by any additional period or periods of time.

  • Marginal note:Impact assessment

    (3) If the application for an authorization is in respect of a designated project, as defined in section 2 of the Impact Assessment Act, for which an impact assessment is required under that Act, the Minister of the Environment must issue the decision statement referred to in section 65 of that Act in respect of the designated project.

  • Marginal note:Excluded period

    (4) If the Commission of the Canadian Energy Regulator requires the applicant to provide information or undertake a study with respect to the work or activity, the period that is taken by the applicant, in the Commission’s opinion, to comply with the requirement is not included in the calculation of the period referred to in subsection (1) or, if the period is extended under subsection (2), within that extended period.

  • Marginal note:Public notice of excluded period

    (5) The Commission of the Canadian Energy Regulator shall, without delay, make public the dates on which the period referred to in subsection (4) begins and ends.

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