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Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Version of section 56 from 2012-06-28 to 2017-10-17:

Marginal note:Release — officer

  •  (1) An officer may order the release from detention of a permanent resident or a foreign national before the first detention review by the Immigration Division if the officer is of the opinion that the reasons for the detention no longer exist. The officer may impose any conditions, including the payment of a deposit or the posting of a guarantee for compliance with the conditions, that the officer considers necessary.

  • Marginal note:Period of detention — designated foreign national

    (2) Despite subsection (1), a designated foreign national who is detained under this Division and who was 16 years of age or older on the day of the arrival that is the subject of the designation in question must be detained until

    • (a) a final determination is made to allow their claim for refugee protection or application for protection;

    • (b) they are released as a result of the Immigration Division ordering their release under section 58; or

    • (c) they are released as a result of the Minister ordering their release under section 58.1.

  • 2001, c. 27, s. 56
  • 2012, c. 17, s. 24

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