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Hazardous Products Act

Version of section 2 from 2015-02-11 to 2024-06-19:

Marginal note:Definitions

 In this Act,


advertise[Repealed, 2010, c. 21, s. 72]


analyst means an individual designated as an analyst under subsection 21(1); (analyste)


container includes a bag, barrel, bottle, box, can, cylinder, drum or similar package or receptacle but does not include a storage tank; (contenant)

controlled product

controlled product[Repealed, 2010, c. 21, s. 72]

controlled product

controlled product or hazardous product[Repealed, 2014, c. 20, s. 111]


document means anything on which information that is capable of being understood by an individual or being read by a computer or other device is recorded or marked; (document)

hazardous product

hazardous product means any product, mixture, material or substance that is classified in accordance with the regulations made under subsection 15(1) in a category or subcategory of a hazard class listed in Schedule 2; (produit dangereux)


import means to import into Canada; (importer)


inspector means an individual designated as an inspector under subsection 21(1); (inspecteur)


label means a group of written, printed or graphic information elements that relate to a hazardous product, which group is designed to be affixed to, printed on or attached to the hazardous product or the container in which the hazardous product is packaged; (étiquette)

manufactured article

manufactured article means any article that is formed to a specific shape or design during manufacture, the intended use of which when in that form is dependent in whole or in part on its shape or design, and that, when being installed, if the intended use of the article requires it to be installed, and under normal conditions of use, will not release or otherwise cause an individual to be exposed to a hazardous product; (article manufacturé)


Minister means the Minister of Health; (ministre)


mixture means a combination of, or a solution that is composed of, two or more ingredients that, when they are combined, do not react with each other, but excludes any such combination or solution that is a substance;  (mélange)


person means an individual or an organization as defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code; (personne)


prescribed, for the purposes of Part II, means prescribed by regulations made under subsection 15(1), and, for the purposes of Part III, means prescribed by regulations made under section 27; (Version anglaise seulement)

prohibited product

prohibited product[Repealed, 2010, c. 21, s. 72]

restricted product

restricted product[Repealed, 2010, c. 21, s. 72]

review officer

review officer means an individual designated as a review officer under section 26.2; (réviseur)

safety data sheet

safety data sheet means a document that contains, under the headings that, by virtue of the regulations made under subsection 15(1), are required to appear in the document, information about a hazardous product, including information related to the hazards associated with any use, handling or storage of the hazardous product in a work place; (fiche de données de sécurité)


sell includes

  • (a) offer for sale or distribution, expose for sale or distribution, have in possession for sale or distribution or distribute  —  whether for consideration or not  —  to one or more recipients, and

  • (b) make any transfer of possession that creates a bailment or, in Quebec, make any transfer of possession of a movable, for a specific purpose, without transferring ownership, and with the obligation to deliver the movable to a specified person or to return it, such as a transfer by means of a deposit, a lease, a pledge, a loan for use or a contract of carriage; (vendre)


substance means any chemical element or chemical compound  —  that is in its natural state or that is obtained by a production process  — whether alone or together with

  • (a) any additive that is necessary to preserve the stability of the chemical element or chemical compound,

  • (b) any solvent that is necessary to preserve the stability or composition of the chemical element or chemical compound, or

  • (c) any impurity that is derived from the production process; (substance)


supplier means a person who, in the course of business, sells or imports a hazardous product; (fournisseur)

work place

work place has the meaning assigned by regulations made under subsection 15(1). (lieu de travail)

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