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Canada Elections Act

Version of section 396 from 2003-01-01 to 2003-12-31:

Marginal note:Statements of expenses, auditor’s reports and declaration

  •  (1) The chief agent of a suspended party referred to in subsection 394(1) shall provide the Chief Electoral Officer with

    • (a) a statement of the party’s expenses for the portion of the current fiscal period after the portion described in subparagraph 392(a)(i) and for each subsequent fiscal period;

    • (b) a report as to whether, in the auditor’s opinion, the statements present fairly the information on which they are based; and

    • (c) a declaration in the prescribed form by the chief agent concerning those statements.

  • Marginal note:Period to provide statement

    (2) Each statement and other document referred to in subsection (1) shall be provided within six months after the end of the fiscal period to which they relate.

  • Marginal note:No return when expenses more than net balance

    (3) The requirement to provide a statement of expenses under subsection (1) ceases at the end of the fiscal period in which the total expenses incurred by the party after the provision of documents under subparagraph 392(a)(i) is more than the net balance of assets over liabilities disclosed in those documents.

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