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Canada Marine Act

Version of section 4 from 2002-12-31 to 2008-07-31:

Marginal note:National Marine Policy

 It is hereby declared that the objective of this Act is to

  • (a) implement a National Marine Policy that provides Canada with the marine infrastructure that it needs and that offers effective support for the achievement of local, regional and national social and economic objectives and will promote and safeguard Canada’s competitiveness and trade objectives;

  • (b) base the marine infrastructure and services on international practices and approaches that are consistent with those of Canada’s major trading partners in order to foster harmonization of standards among jurisdictions;

  • (c) ensure that marine transportation services are organized to satisfy the needs of users and are available at a reasonable cost to the users;

  • (d) provide for a high level of safety and environmental protection;

  • (e) provide a high degree of autonomy for local or regional management of components of the system of services and facilities and be responsive to local needs and priorities;

  • (f) manage the marine infrastructure and services in a commercial manner that encourages, and takes into account, input from users and the community in which a port or harbour is located;

  • (g) provide for the disposition, by transfer or otherwise, of certain ports and port facilities; and

  • (h) coordinate with other marine activities and surface and air transportation systems.

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