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Canada Transportation Act

Version of section 108 from 2007-06-22 to 2018-05-22:

Marginal note:Application for confirmation of scheme

  •  (1) The directors of the railway company may apply to the Federal Court for confirmation of the scheme if, at any time within three months after the scheme is filed, or within any extended time that the Federal Court may allow, the directors consider the scheme to be assented to in accordance with section 107.

  • (2) [Repealed, 2007, c. 19, s. 34]

  • Marginal note:Confirmation of Federal Court

    (3) The Federal Court, after hearing the directors and any other persons whom it considers entitled to be heard on the application, may confirm the scheme, if it is satisfied that

    • (a) the scheme has been assented to in accordance with section 107 within the period mentioned in subsection (1); and

    • (b) no sufficient objection to the scheme has been established.

  • Marginal note:Registration in Federal Court

    (4) When the scheme is confirmed, it shall be registered in the Federal Court, and from then on it is binding on the company and all persons.

  • (5) [Repealed, 2007, c. 19, s. 34]

  • 1996, c. 10, s. 108
  • 2007, c. 19, s. 34

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