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Aeronautics Act

Version of section 4.9 from 2003-01-01 to 2014-12-15:

Marginal note:Regulations respecting aeronautics

 The Governor in Council may make regulations respecting aeronautics and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, may make regulations respecting

  • (a) the accreditation or licensing of

    • (i) flight crew members, air traffic controllers, operators of equipment used to provide services relating to aeronautics and other persons providing services relating to aeronautics, and

    • (ii) persons engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution, maintenance, approval, certification or installation of aeronautical products and the installation, maintenance, approval and certification of equipment used to provide services relating to aeronautics;

  • (b) the design, manufacture, distribution, maintenance, approval, installation, inspection, registration, licensing, identification and certification of aeronautical products;

  • (c) the design, installation, inspection, maintenance, approval and certification of equipment and facilities used to provide services relating to aeronautics;

  • (d) the approval of flight training equipment;

  • (e) activities at aerodromes and the location, inspection, certification, registration, licensing and operation of aerodromes;

  • (f) noise emanating from aerodromes and aircraft;

  • (g) the certification of air carriers;

  • (h) the conditions under which aircraft may be used or operated or under which any act may be performed in or from aircraft;

  • (i) the conditions under which persons or personal belongings, baggage, goods or cargo of any kind may be transported by aircraft;

  • (j) the areas within which aircraft coming from outside Canada are to land and the conditions to which such aircraft are subject;

  • (k) the classification and use of airspace and the control and use of aerial routes;

  • (l) the prohibition of the use of airspace or aerodromes;

  • (m) the prohibition of the doing of any other act or thing in respect of which regulations under this Part may be made;

  • (n) the enforcement of such laws as may be deemed necessary for the safe and proper operation of aircraft;

  • (o) the use and operation of any objects that in the opinion of the Minister are likely to be hazardous to aviation safety;

  • (p) the preservation, protection and removal of aircraft involved in accidents, personal belongings, baggage, goods, cargo of any kind thereon, and of any records pertaining to the aircraft or its flight, the preservation, protection, removal and testing of any part of such aircraft and the protection of sites of aircraft accidents;

  • (q) the investigation of any accident involving an aircraft, any alleged contravention under this Part or any incident involving an aircraft that, in the opinion of the Minister, endangered the safety of persons;

  • (r) the taking of statements by investigators for the purpose of an investigation referred to in paragraph (q);

  • (s) the keeping and preservation of records and documents relating to aerodromes, to activities, with respect to aeronautics, of persons who hold Canadian aviation documents and to aeronautical products and equipment and facilities used to provide services relating to aeronautics;

  • (t) the handling, marking, storage and delivery of fuel and any lubricants or chemicals used during or in connection with the operation of aircraft;

  • (u) the provision of facilities, services and equipment relating to aeronautics;

  • (v) the provision of aviation weather services by persons other than Her Majesty in right of Canada; and

  • (w) the application of the Convention on International Civil Aviation signed at Chicago, 7 December 1944, as amended from time to time.

  • R.S., 1985, c. 33 (1st Supp.), s. 1
  • 1992, c. 4, s. 7

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